Nazism In Germany: Selected Topics

A History 112 Research Assignment


Taylor Bengert



This is my official assignment submission for History 112. My topic was Nazi Germany. I was given the freedom to present on either a selected topic within the larger context of Nazism in Germany or to provide a general overview of the topic as a whole. I have elected to combine approaches, and have provided a general timeline overview of Germany during the Third Reich as well as focus on a few key people, policies, and events for which the nation became famous.

To narrow such a broad range of possibilities, I elected to place a much greater emphasis on the formation of the party and the political climate which allowed it to take hold rather than the party’s lasting effects. My guiding questions were as follows:

  1. How was it that the Nazi party came to be?
  2. Who were key players in the very early stages of its inception?
  3. How did they maintain power and legitimacy?
  4. What were some of the critical policies of the Nazis?

Many of the pages on this site link to similar topics or provide further information regarding a given issue. Please feel free to navigate to them immediately or to read the whole website from beginning to end, so to speak. Nothing is presented with any sort of linear pattern in mind, but each page is instead categorized by theme. One useful place to begin may be the Brief Historical Timeline.

Thank you for reading!

Taylor Bengert